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“Sweet Baby Jesus!” Veggie Bomber

I call this one the 'Sweet Baby Jesus!' Veggie Bomber because it's so good it'll make you see Jesus' sandals. Yes, I went ahead and said it. I Now I don't care if you're vegan, vegetarian, or eat nothing but meat - this is a good little bit of num nums in your tum tums.… Continue reading “Sweet Baby Jesus!” Veggie Bomber

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This Tasty Sum’bitch

One of the many, many gifts that Israel and Palestine gave me was transitioning to a vegetarian diet. Since mid-November '16 I've stuck to a 99.9% vegetarian diet (you'll never take the crab legs away from me, NEVER!!!), and have experienced all the exasperating struggles that come with it. I have face palmed as the… Continue reading This Tasty Sum’bitch