Another Brick in the Wall

"Did you see the wall?" The question legitimately confused me the first time someone asked. Which wall? *** The Western Wall The stones of the last standing Temple wall were painted orange with the sunset of my second day in Israel. They were larger than I had imagined, thousands of prayers crammed into the narrow… Continue reading Another Brick in the Wall


Love is the Absence of Judgement

The below picture was posted on a popular social media platform sometime today with the title, "LA's Union Station. One guy opened up his suitcase to help the other." As both a Catholic Worker and a human being, this picture fills me with hope. It reminds me that no matter how shitty things can be and… Continue reading Love is the Absence of Judgement


Il Fratturato Gesù e la Nonviolenza

'How do you define nonviolence?" - a prompt from my retreat in November. I contemplated this question between bites of cobb salad as I scanned the sweating bodies in the packed campus dining hall. The occupants at a narrow table near me caught my attention - a small, mousey haired girl on one side and… Continue reading Il Fratturato Gesù e la Nonviolenza


Keep Your Apology

"Fuck you, motherfucker!" I hurled that directive across the room to the silver haired burn out in my Conflict Resolution class last week - it was our first attempt at non-violent communication. Well... shit. Given the slightly passive-aggressive "It's OK To Be Angry" news article our instructor emailed and the 'therapeutic' (read: punitive) journal entry… Continue reading Keep Your Apology


Meditations on Non-Violence to the Self.

There are three simultaneous aspects of non-violence: Non-violence to the self. Interpersonal Non-Violence Global Grassroots Non-Violence (Of course, these are not my own inventions but are borrowed from another's paradigm.) Simultaneous...occurring at the same time, which means they are interconnected. Which means they affect each other - both positively and negatively correlated. So...when does non-violence… Continue reading Meditations on Non-Violence to the Self.

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Mercy on the Micro Level

“What do you think of when you’re confronted with the word Mercy?” a beloved professor asked as I walked briskly past her office one day. “I think of women.” Her face creased in thoughtfulness. “Why?” she ventured, her voice was lowered and for a fleeting moment I could see her as the inquisitive child she… Continue reading Mercy on the Micro Level