Another Brick in the Wall

"Did you see the wall?" The question legitimately confused me the first time someone asked. Which wall? *** The Western Wall The stones of the last standing Temple wall were painted orange with the sunset of my second day in Israel. They were larger than I had imagined, thousands of prayers crammed into the narrow… Continue reading Another Brick in the Wall


Reflection: Simon Peter & Spiritual Maturity

I'm unsure of what promoted it, but yesterday I found myself thinking about the scene in Matthew depicting Peter attempting to walk on water towards Christ. Christian or no, almost everyone is familiar with what occurs next in the story; Peter becomes afraid, doubts, and begins to sink below the churning waves. 'Peter, you dipshit'… Continue reading Reflection: Simon Peter & Spiritual Maturity


The Sacramentality of the Yo-Yo

Long has it been my unspoken tradition to end days at amusement parks and local carnivals with the Yo-Yo (also called the Wave Swinger). Since my childhood I've had an inexplicable affinity with this ride, spending countless hours soaring through the summer skies; eyes closed, feet extended before me, palms relaxed at my side with… Continue reading The Sacramentality of the Yo-Yo