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Sink or Swim

I was consumed with my irritation, left eyebrow arched skyward, when we pulled off the main road onto a winding dirt path. As the car lurched forward over the uneven, rocky ground I brooded about what I could've lost had some one stolen my pack - which had been left behind by my friends; camera,… Continue reading Sink or Swim

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The Scent of Water

(Photo Credit: Tattooed Theologian) As a child I ran to the water, joyfully immune to its frigidity and unconcerned with its depths. My Aunt Pammy, a brash, fast-talking woman with a passion for cheetah print and astrology - would say it's because I'm a Cancer - a soul ruled by the moon's energy. Of course… Continue reading The Scent of Water

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The Lord’s Supper

(Featured Photo: "Last Supper in Gaza" by Vivek Vilasini) I was recently reading Catholic Biblical Quarterly and came across a journal article that was about what Paul meant when he used the term 'The Lord's Supper' in 1 Cor 11:20 (I know... thrilling stuff). The intention of the article was to determine whether Paul meant Eucharist/Communion when he… Continue reading The Lord’s Supper

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Quick Thoughts: Jesus/Anarchy

Just some quick thoughts on Jesus today, as I was scribbling in my journal. I realized that I've been writing so much about Palestine, and other topics that I've really neglected some of my favorite writing; theology. So.. he's a quick bit for ya. *** You can't talk about Jesus' mission without first speaking about… Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Jesus/Anarchy