The silence that you've been hearing from me this past week or so has been the product of hesitation and great debate. I've watched Twitter and Facebook blaze with the gaining momentum of the fire that is #MeToo, reading stories from friends that have broken my heart. Overall, I am shocked - I, a woman,… Continue reading #MeToo


Little Shop of Treasures

Time runs differently in Palestine-Israel, an adagio that slips by in minutes that seem to stretch for hours. I hadn't noticed this until delegation broke, and I was left on my own to explore the country for myself. Perhaps it was the call to prayer that rang out over the rooftops five times a day,… Continue reading Little Shop of Treasures


Of Seminaries and Oppression

"It's so easy a girl could've done it," he chortled. This particular student was a telecommuter which means I had the distinct pleasure of hearing this shitty comment in stereo over the seminary's fantastic surround sound. Gee, thanks. "Really?" I stood directly in front of the camera, eyes burrowing into the lens.  The single word hung… Continue reading Of Seminaries and Oppression


Dreadlocks, Exhaustion and Name Games

We are quickly approaching my favorite time of the year here in Western New York. The summer is dying, exhaling its last golden breath before the long Autumn nights carry us into winter's silent twilight. Unquestionably Autumn is my favorite season - I can feel the energy of the earth withdrawing into itself, crackling underneath… Continue reading Dreadlocks, Exhaustion and Name Games