Thank you for the prayers!

My dear friends, let me first start by saying thank you for your prayers during my time of travel - I arrived in Tel Aviv on Monday afternoon and sailed through passport control with no problems! Not only is it a sign that I am where God wants me to be, but also that your… Continue reading Thank you for the prayers!


So… I Quit My Job…

In my previous posts I mentioned about my applying to, and ultimately being accepted, to serve on team with CPT's Palestine team. What you don't know is what's been happening behind the scenes that's caused me to be silent these last weeks. Let me briefly retrace a few things, for any new comers. In the… Continue reading So… I Quit My Job…

Reflection, Religion

The Lord’s Supper

(Featured Photo: "Last Supper in Gaza" by Vivek Vilasini) I was recently reading Catholic Biblical Quarterly and came across a journal article that was about what Paul meant when he used the term 'The Lord's Supper' in 1 Cor 11:20 (I know... thrilling stuff). The intention of the article was to determine whether Paul meant Eucharist/Communion when he… Continue reading The Lord’s Supper