Back Stateside!

Hello my friends! Just a quick note to let you know that I have returned stateside and that all is well. I've taken these last few weeks to settle in back home, as well as to figure out what I'll be doing to bring income into my home. For now, I've settled on doing rideshares… Continue reading Back Stateside!


A Rosary for Panic Attacks

I was lying on the cool tiled floor of the office, the gentle hum of the computers filling the air around me as I struggled with my first panic attack in nearly two years. It had crept up on me slowly - like they always do - taking most of the morning to finally boil… Continue reading A Rosary for Panic Attacks

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Quick Thoughts: Jesus/Anarchy

Just some quick thoughts on Jesus today, as I was scribbling in my journal. I realized that I've been writing so much about Palestine, and other topics that I've really neglected some of my favorite writing; theology. So.. he's a quick bit for ya. *** You can't talk about Jesus' mission without first speaking about… Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Jesus/Anarchy