The Sacramentality of the Yo-Yo

Long has it been my unspoken tradition to end days at amusement parks and local carnivals with the Yo-Yo (also called the Wave Swinger). Since my childhood I've had an inexplicable affinity with this ride, spending countless hours soaring through the summer skies; eyes closed, feet extended before me, palms relaxed at my side with… Continue reading The Sacramentality of the Yo-Yo


Love is the Absence of Judgement

The below picture was posted on a popular social media platform sometime today with the title, "LA's Union Station. One guy opened up his suitcase to help the other." As both a Catholic Worker and a human being, this picture fills me with hope. It reminds me that no matter how shitty things can be and… Continue reading Love is the Absence of Judgement

Activism, Non-Violence, Theology

The Junkie and The Martyr

The Martyr paradigm emerged and thrived in the early centuries - between the time of Christ's death and the Roman Empire's adoption of Christianity as the official state religion. While only a few dedicated Christians are recognized as martyrs, it was an era in which it was dangerously easy to become one. Christians suffered terribly… Continue reading The Junkie and The Martyr


The Cliche Question of Every College Student (Regardless of Age!)

Who am I? There are many fashions in which to answer this question - nearly all of them are utterly superficial; I am a student, a Catholic Worker, unmarried, female, white, tattooed. All of these mean nothing because they are mutable, transitory, subject to change by my own mere whimsical fancy. To authentically answer this… Continue reading The Cliche Question of Every College Student (Regardless of Age!)

Homelessness, Theology

Mercy on the Micro Level

“What do you think of when you’re confronted with the word Mercy?” a beloved professor asked as I walked briskly past her office one day. “I think of women.” Her face creased in thoughtfulness. “Why?” she ventured, her voice was lowered and for a fleeting moment I could see her as the inquisitive child she… Continue reading Mercy on the Micro Level