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Quick Thoughts: Jesus/Anarchy

Just some quick thoughts on Jesus today, as I was scribbling in my journal. I realized that I've been writing so much about Palestine, and other topics that I've really neglected some of my favorite writing; theology. So.. he's a quick bit for ya. *** You can't talk about Jesus' mission without first speaking about… Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Jesus/Anarchy

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Meditation on the Jordan

The lip of the river was carpeted in a bed of tender moss, enveloped in sharp edged bulrush and the stiff stalks of sea wheat. It was in this narrow pocket that I sat, watching the sunlight dance on the algae green waters of the Jordan River as it changed from early morning gray to… Continue reading Meditation on the Jordan


Forgiveness is the Final Form of Love

For those of you who have followed this blog since its inception, you will remember a particularly raw entry that appeared shortly after Christmas. Reflecting upon that post some ten months later, I find that I'm not impressed with myself. At the time I was writing from a desperate place; I had been unexpectedly wounded… Continue reading Forgiveness is the Final Form of Love


Reflection: Simon Peter & Spiritual Maturity

I'm unsure of what promoted it, but yesterday I found myself thinking about the scene in Matthew depicting Peter attempting to walk on water towards Christ. Christian or no, almost everyone is familiar with what occurs next in the story; Peter becomes afraid, doubts, and begins to sink below the churning waves. 'Peter, you dipshit'… Continue reading Reflection: Simon Peter & Spiritual Maturity