Finding the Beloved Community

"I love you," Praaz rasped as he ducked his shining bald head inside my car window and gently kissed me on my forehead. "Thank you," I meant it. It was the day after I had buckled under the pressure of having sustained 90 hour work weeks for nearly a year, the pressure so intense I… Continue reading Finding the Beloved Community


Burnout: The Catholic Worker’s Reality in 3 Microstories

She stumbled across the room, her hang-dog eyes swollen from heavy drinking the night before or, hell, that day for that matter. "Hey," she slurred, the liquor rolling off her in waves so pungent I could name the brand of whiskey she'd been drinking. I raised my eyebrows in a question. "You know, you're getting… Continue reading Burnout: The Catholic Worker’s Reality in 3 Microstories


Like a Firefly Without a Light…

The sentiment is rarely articulated - by either the guests or the workers - but everyone who has stepped foot under the roof of that shelter understands what it means to be homeless. You don't matter. Your opinions, your struggles and most importantly, your life. None of it counts because you contribute nothing to the… Continue reading Like a Firefly Without a Light…