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Huwaida Arraf is a Bad Ass!

I spent about a week, in whole, shadowing the CPT team in an effort to find out whether or not I wanted to move forward and apply for their training as a reservist. During that time I had the great fortune to meet up with other groups that had a presence in Hebron - ISM… Continue reading Huwaida Arraf is a Bad Ass!

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Mordechai Vanunu is a #BAMF!

I was forever bumping into him during my time there; walking through the Old City, buying books in the Educational Bookshop, scrabbling past St. Georges Cathedral on my way to Sheik Jarrah protests. Of course, I wanted to stop him to tell him how much I admired him and how much I keep him in… Continue reading Mordechai Vanunu is a #BAMF!