Activism, Non-Violence, Theology

Why Love ISN'T All We Need

Since I was a child I have noticed that every time we are confronted with some tragedy - natural disasters, mass poverty, police violence, war, etc. - there are always a handful of people that respond with repeating what the Beatles said in the 60's, 'all you need is love.' This past week's murder of… Continue reading Why Love ISN'T All We Need

Activism, Non-Violence, Theology

The Junkie and The Martyr

The Martyr paradigm emerged and thrived in the early centuries - between the time of Christ's death and the Roman Empire's adoption of Christianity as the official state religion. While only a few dedicated Christians are recognized as martyrs, it was an era in which it was dangerously easy to become one. Christians suffered terribly… Continue reading The Junkie and The Martyr