Back Stateside

Hello my friends!

Yet again, I’ve left you in the lurch with no life updates and no posts. Fear not, I am here to remedy that situation!

I’ve just returned from Lesvos, Greece – an island 5 kilometers off the Turkish coast that finds itself, among a few others, as the epicenter of the Refugee Crisis. I spent 10 days on the island learning and seeing as much as I could so that I could bring those stories back to you. My plan is to tell you some of the things I’ve experienced, as well as the things that I’ve learned – blended together in the same ways I gave you my posts about Palestine. So – stay tuned, blog posts are coming!!

Speaking of Palestine – I’ve gotten the official nod that I am to return. I’ll be flying out on July 29th to be on team from August 1st to September 1st. I am excited to return to a land and people that I passionately love, but also nervous about entrance into the country as well as how tense the situation is there right now.

A question for you all …

Would you rather I post stories about Palestine while I’m there, or wait until I get home?  Let me know below.

Other than that, life is good. I’ll begin updating here shortly!



2 Replies to “Back Stateside”

  1. Hi Leia, If there is something time sensitive, then by all means let us know. Otherwise. whatever fits your schedule is fine with me.
    Take care and stay in the moment.


    1. Thanks so much for the input, Steve! I’ll try and do some updating while I’m there, if possible, and of course go into much more detail once I’m home.


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