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Quick Thoughts: Jesus/Anarchy

Just some quick thoughts on Jesus today, as I was scribbling in my journal. I realized that I’ve been writing so much about Palestine, and other topics that I’ve really neglected some of my favorite writing; theology. So.. he’s a quick bit for ya.


You can’t talk about Jesus’ mission without first speaking about his motivating vision; the Kingdom of God.  From the beginning, as evidenced by our time in the Garden, God the Father intended for humankind to live in total union with not only him but with each other and Creation as well. If we adhere to the Christology of preexistence found in John’s gospel, then the Son of God would have had both profound insight on the Father’s intentions as well as the methodology to achieving it post-Fall. Further, as the second person of the Trinity, Jesus would’ve understood the deepest yearnings of the Father’s heart – to reunite with humankind within the realm of Edenic existence, called the Kingdom of God.

I think that Jesus understood his mission to be to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven. This is evidenced by the fact that everything he says and does perpetually moves him – and us! – toward a very real, very material actualization of this vision which, of course, stands opposed to Empire. Christ is an Anarcho-Syndicalist he was attempting to “build a new world within the shell of the old,” (to steal mission statement of the Wobblies) but what is fascinating is that he wasn’t a Zealot; he wasn’t a violent revolutionary.  Given who he was and the nature of his mission, of course Christ wanted to do away with Empire! In fact he rendered it utterly obsolete by giving people a new way to live – he encouraged those around him to loosen and ultimately let go of the addictive attachment to the illusion of security that Empire gave them, and to begin living for God and each other.  He reminded them that the only security was the kind given to them by the grace of God.



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