Checking in

My dear friends –

It has been many weeks since I’ve posted which has allowed me time and space for self-care. I has been slow going but with the support of friends and family things have gotten much better. My fiance recommended, early last month, that I shelve everything to do with faith, activism, justice and Israel/Palestine. He suggested reading fiction, watching movies, and going out with friends.

The movies I haven’t watched (I’ve never been a TV person), but I have been out a few times with my father and friends, and I have been ploughing my way through my favorite fiction titles. So far I have made my way through the Harry Potter series, and now I am on the Mortal Instruments after this I will go to The Dark Materials. I chose these good vs. evil fantasy stories because I think that somewhere along the way I forgot that good will always triumph over evil. Call me idealistic, but God is good and he always has the final word. I’m hoping this stories remind me of that – that Good and God always triumph – and heal me for the next round of justice work.


Overall, I am well – I am healing more each day and soon I will be posting again. I am not sure of exactly when, but of course – you all will know.

Also – the next post will be one about my friend Azeeza. Please keep your eyes peeled for it.

Peace –



6 Replies to “Checking in”

  1. Good to see that you have been taking some time for yourself. We all need to, I think, on a regular basis in order to recharge our batteries. Keep on with your writing. Be well.


  2. Happy you’re back Leia! And happy to hear you’ve been able to have some down time for healing and renewal — so important to take care of yourself. You’re in my prayers..


  3. Hi Leia! One of the best scriptures on good and evil is Psalm 37. It says the wicked will be defeated & destroyed and the righteous inherit the land. That already happened twice in Palestine, and will happen again soon!


  4. Hello Leia! So wonderful to her that you are on the mend. Looking forward to reading new postings. May your “Cura Personalis” be entirely healing.


  5. Hi Leia! It is a pleasure to read your posts about Palestine! I lived in Israhell for 15 months, and I learn something new in each of your pieces! You are a gifted writer! I admire your ability to find and share new information. Please don’t stop. God bless you! Joe Douglas


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