The Sound of Pain

I have struggled to write this, both because of the extremity of the topic and because I do not have the words… I cannot write beautifully about this because there is nothing beautiful about it – only shock and horror.

I have no words to describe the sound of a child being tortured – the cresendo of pitch and volume as the screamed “no” hangs shrilly in the air for hours and hours. I cannot be poetic about the feeling of helplessness as you stand on the dusty rooftops – the feeling swallowing you as if you are Jonah in the belly of the whale. What language can I speak to you in that could possibly relate to you the bodily reaction – stomach revolting, mind despreatl trying to disengage so as to protect itself. There is no way to paint the picture of the surrelity of hearing the soldier on guard being to sing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ – the child’s terrified screams a ribbon in the melody.

I stood there for hours listening to that child scream, knowing their parents had no idea where their child was taken or if he would ever return. I knew there was nothing I could do… nothing but stand there, be present in that moment and come back to tell you…

I have no gifts for you this time, my friends, no beautiful words to ease your minds, hearts or consciences. No… I have nothing but horror, terror, pain and death to pour unto you…

Pray for the children of Palestine… and do not neglect to get involved in the fight against the occupation that finds these acts acceptable.

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