Fear on the Rocks

It was my second day full day away from Al-Khalil and as I left Jerusalem in my little rental car I felt something brewing inside, a little niggling feeling in the back of my head. Fear. I dismissed it as absurd - there was nothing to be afraid of (at least not anymore), yet as… Continue reading Fear on the Rocks


Why Dorothy Day is a #BAB

I first heard of Dorothy Day in the junior year of my bachelor's. My then professor not only had us read Loaves and Fishes but also brought us down to the local Catholic Worker house. I cannot begin to explain how that experience has changed my life. I would go on to be a Worker… Continue reading Why Dorothy Day is a #BAB

Vegan, Vegetarian

This Tasty Sum’bitch

One of the many, many gifts that Israel and Palestine gave me was transitioning to a vegetarian diet. Since mid-November '16 I've stuck to a 99.9% vegetarian diet (you'll never take the crab legs away from me, NEVER!!!), and have experienced all the exasperating struggles that come with it. I have face palmed as the… Continue reading This Tasty Sum’bitch