An Old City Meditation

There is a spider web trailing along the fencing of the patio. I can see it swaying in the gentle, afternoon breeze; its arcs and dips glinting in the sunlight. The illusion is that it’s fragile, easily torn away by careless hands. Yet, when considered from the spider’s perspective it is steel, supporting its entire… Continue reading An Old City Meditation


Another Brick in the Wall

"Did you see the wall?" The question legitimately confused me the first time someone asked. Which wall? *** The Western Wall The stones of the last standing Temple wall were painted orange with the sunset of my second day in Israel. They were larger than I had imagined, thousands of prayers crammed into the narrow… Continue reading Another Brick in the Wall


Palestine: Where Sprit Meets Bone

I landed in Palestine on November 13th, and spent a month travelling the country meeting with NGOs, activist groups, and Palestinians whose homes were either invaded, demolished or under demolition order. As I returned stateside a friend and mentor asked what it was like, and it’s these impressions I share with you. Palestine is etched… Continue reading Palestine: Where Sprit Meets Bone