Meditations on Non-Violence to the Self.

I’m an asshole.

There are three simultaneous aspects of non-violence:

  • Non-violence to the self.
  • Interpersonal Non-Violence
  • Global Grassroots Non-Violence

(Of course, these are not my own inventions but are borrowed from another’s paradigm.)

Simultaneous…occurring at the same time, which means they are interconnected. Which means they affect each other – both positively and negatively correlated.

So…when does non-violence to the self become violence towards others? When does your own attempt to heal yourself destroy someone else? Surely being peaceful doesn’t mean being a steamroller, does it? While I’m crying out for love, healing and acceptance, who else is doing the very same to me that I’m simply too myopic to realize?

Being peaceful and patient with myself necessitates that I must be peaceful and patient with others as well, not attempt to bend them to suit my own needs. I cannot change someone no matter how hard I try, nor should they endure being made to feel inadequate simply because I’m too blind and hard headed to understand until now.

Peaecemaking is doing no harm to yourself, and certainly not harm others. It’s acknowledging and engaging my own shortcomings and understanding, deeply, that others have their own. I should be treating them with Love, Mercy and Patience instead of scorn because they’re unable to fulfill some unreasonable and unrealistic set of expectations.

To continue along these lines is akin to war-making. That is the total opposite of what I wish to do.

So…how do I proceed? How do I ensure that I’m not bulldozing and war-making while I’m trying to be peaceful? I think the only thing I can do is to be as mindful as possible, to apologize when I hurt someone and to really engage in the critiques that they give me.

As always, I wish you peace.

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