Non-Violence, Not Complacency

The biggest misconception about non-violent action is that it’s passive; that it’s akin to just letting the beatings, rapes, genocides, racism, sexism, and all the sadism of war just pass on by without ever lifting a finger to stop it. That it reflects the mentality of, ‘it’s either you or me brother, and WOO, I like me better!’

Stop. No, really. Stop.

That is not non-violence – it’s cowardice.

Non-violence means speaking  out against violence, even if that means confronting your own friends and family with the potential to lose them all.

Non-violence means having the courage to face the death squads, muzzle of their machine guns pressed against your ribs, with no weapons but love, mercy and compassion.

Non-violence means I will place my body between the violator and the violated in an effort to stop the violence, being prepared to be beaten or killed in the process because  there is no other truth than the dignity of humanity and the mercy of peace.

Brothers and Sisters, I am sick to choking of seeing people beat, murdered, and exploited. So I will take the step forward to do what I can to stop it – regardless of whether or not I can awaken people through my actions and make them aware beings.

BUT I REFUSE to do so with a  weapon of any kind in my hands, or by any violent means. To do so would make me no better than my opponent, further it would make me a hypocrite. If I believe in the dignity of human life, if I believe that murder is wrong , if I believe that no one deserves to suffer – then I am NOT ALLOWED to make judgement calls on whose deserving.



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