The Cliche Question of Every College Student (Regardless of Age!)

Who am I?

There are many fashions in which to answer this question – nearly all of them are utterly superficial; I am a student, a Catholic Worker, unmarried, female, white, tattooed. All of these mean nothing because they are mutable, transitory, subject to change by my own mere whimsical fancy. To authentically answer this question I must tunnel beneath the shallow surface of culture and ego to the very taproot of my being. “Who?” is the tentatively asked question, “Ohm (or I AM)” is the undisputed, resounding response. Who I am is pure spirit.

What future am I creating for myself?

I am cultivating a life or prayer – a very specific prayer. I am creating a future where I am an imperishable instrument of Peace, a sower of Love, a judgment-less judge that pardons all, Faithful, Hope-filled, filled with the Glory of God’s light, Joyous, consoling, understanding. I am creating a future where I can be a voice for those who have none.

I leave you with my pre-meal prayer:

“God, bless this food so that it strengthens

my legs on the path to Justice and Peace.

God, open my heart with Compassion and

Love, especially for those who I struggle with.

God, give me the Courage to raise my voice

against injustice, even if my friends are the perpetrators.

God, give me the Wisdom to discern the path towards


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